The Owl’s Flight Chronicles 

Fresh From the Egg

You are freshly hatched, perfectly new and untouched by any of life’s cares or concerns; yet fully formed and ready to fly free…once you’ve rested a bit, your untried wings have dried in the sun, and you’ve gathered your courage for your maiden flight.

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Music Speaks

  Why is it that words can not begin to convey our human complexities of feeling, but music can touch every chord in our emotional body? "When words fail, music speaks." This quote by Hans Christian Andersen could easily be the heading for 2018. A year of turmoil and...

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Midnight Lullaby

Tonight....she is black as night with just a touch of moon glow. She is a dark Jewel silhouetted against the city skyline. Earlier today, she was her usual almost shy self. An on-purpose wall flower dressed in quiet colors, she preferred an unobtrusive life filled...

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The Maple & Rye Adventure

Last year, out of the blue, I was contacted by a young band from Sweden who, through the mystical powers of the internet, stumbled across some of my work on pinterest, etsy or google.  They were interested in commissioning artwork for their upcoming EP album and liked...

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Flying Tigers & Magic in the Sky

I've always had a thing for tigers. I'm fascinated by the sheer majesty of the huge felines. Their beauty is riveting; powerful, rippling muscles, all wrapped up in sleek orange and sophisticated black stripes. One day last year I decided to add a tiger to an ongoing...

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The Threshold

She'd been dwelling in the frozen, snowy lands of winter for long ages. Had spent her days wandering through dark forests of longing and despair, alone but for the companionship of her chosen few. Each had appeared, one by one, in response to the quiet whispers of her...

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At Rest

This piece, titled "At Rest" was inspired by a beautiful photograph of a gorgeous girl who came into our lives for a time while she was a high school exchange student from Germany visiting our little town in North Idaho. Nika gave me the go-ahead when I inquired about...

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The Dark Tree

Deeply rooted, and well-versed in Time's Ravages; the Dark Tree grows only from the shattered last hope and answers the soul's cry for help. It silently offers itself as the last resort and speaks gently of comfort and shelter. It whispers warm welcomes to a haven...

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Northern Lights

I remember seeing the dancing northern lights fairly often as a child growing up in North Dakota, but viewing them as an adult in Idaho hasn't happened as frequently.  The times when we stood outside in the back yard to view the Idaho version of the auroras really...

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Curios ~ On Being A Collector of Amazements

I fancy myself a collector of amazements. I am forever unearthing interesting objects to take home, or, at least photographing my non-portable finds. As you might expect, after several decades of adulthood, I've acquired an abundance of things! I have collections....

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Sensory Perception

I fancy myself a collector of amazements. I am forever unearthing interesting objects to take home, or, at least photographing my non-portable finds. Inevitably, a lot of those amazing things end up in my paintings.  I've now done several "Collection of Amazements"...

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The Tale of Tansy (part 2)

Flash forward about six years. The fairy craze died down. My creative nature had moved onward to other subjects, but I would still paint a fairy or two a year, just for fun. (Most often in the spring when the new flowers and sunshine would inspire me to venture Into...

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The Tale of Tansy (part 1)

I have forever been an ardent fan of the Faerie Realm. My first crush was on Disney's Tinkerbell, which quickly morphed into a full-blown love affair with the ethereal world, and its mythical creatures. Little girl ballerina-dreams would usually involve some form of...

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The Catbird Seat

Definitely a play on words and creatures! An old expression that can sometimes still be heard describing Nascar drivers or  baseball players (like a batter with three balls and no strikes on him). "The catbird seat" is an American English idiomatic phrase used to...

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Hope (Lost and Found)

Hope... It is easy to lose, and sometimes very hard to find. The eyes will always show it. Our eyes reflect our history.  The souvenirs we have collected on our life's journey are written in our miraculous eyes. They speak of how we have been to the raw, outer edges,...

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