Theresa Stahl

Theresa Stahl’s artwork comes from a very personal place. Her distinctive paintings convey the enchantment of everyday life, the beauty of nature, and the magic or mystery of the world’s possibilities.

Primarily self-taught, Theresa has cultivated her own uniquely recognizable style. Working with both oil and acrylics, her paintings are alive with color and feeling. Always inspired by the secret corners of nature, she delights in adding hidden details and mystical nuances that are not immediately noticed. With time, close observers will discover well-concealed faces and forms, hidden scenes and secret details. She is fascinated by the life that is seen yet so often taken for granted and unnoticed.

Theresa has been sketching and painting for years. Born and raised in the North Dakota farmland, surrounded by blue skies and wide-open spaces, she grew up with a love of light and color. She was raised in a creative family. Drawing and painting were always encouraged and praised. For her 15th birthday, Theresa’s grandmother, an accomplished artist/teacher, gave her a portable easel and a tackle box full of all the necessities for painting. One high school class later, she knew a passion had been discovered.

That passion was set-aside at times, sometimes for years: work, marriage, a new family. But that tackle box and easel always beckoned her to put the magic of life onto canvas. Her paintings invoke profound emotion. Spirit & imagination shimmer through the intense and sometimes startling colors she craves.

Theresa says, “The biggest compliment I have received is when people tell me they experience a longing to become a part of the painting itself. ”

Working from her home studio in the beautiful North Idaho mountains, she is surrounded by the beauty that keeps her creative inclinations flowing. She is married to a wonderful man who encourages her self-expression and doesn’t mind cooking dinner (yet again), on the days when she gets lost in a painting. Their two grown children keep her supplied with fresh ideas, new music for her ipod, and are her most honest critics and biggest support group. Theresa has perfected the art of painting with her two dogs constantly weaving around her easel while they inspect her latest work.


Many Thanks go to:

Tom Stahl ~ the love of my life. You are my rock & biggest fan. I hope you realize how much your encouragement to keep doing what I love has meant all these years. Thanks for sharing the journey. You know I would be hopelessly lost without you!

Jonathan and Olivia Stahl ~ my younglings, now grown and on their own. You constantly inspire me with your originality, creativity, enthusiasm, love and support. Thanks for your always honest critiques and suggestions for interesting painting titles.

Alicia Carr ~ my sister, best friend, fellow weaver of dreams and ideas, creative muse & synergist. I couldn’t manage my website (or my life!) without you!

Grandma, Mom and Dad ~ I was graced with a wonderful family who set my feet on the creative path at a very young age. Thanks for all the praise, encouragement and unending support all these years!

Jeff Hughart ~ fabulous artist and family friend, without his invaluable, generous and highly underpaid assistance, this web-site would not exist.

Mike Pifke ~ who beautifully designed my dearly loved logo, “Hooty” from my great-grandmother’s pin.