Imagine waking for the very first time ever…and finding yourself in a sunlight pink morning meadow hidden in the heart of a lush green land. You are freshly hatched, perfectly new and untouched by any of life’s cares or concerns; yet fully formed and ready to fly free…once you’ve rested a bit, your untried wings have dried in the sun, and you’ve gathered your courage for your maiden flight.

How do you want to play it?

Are you excited to greet this grand new adventure and welcome all that glorious potential that lies waiting on the horizon? Are you cautious and trembling over having to leave the safety and comfort of all you have ever known? Do you fret and worry about the unknown and all the possibilities of disaster that lie outside your control? Can you find a way to trust?

How you manage it all is up to you. It is your choice. You’ve outgrown where you were. You must find a way to move forward. The shell is broken and there is no going back.

Don’t ever let fear stop you. You were born for flight and freedom. Launching into the unknown can be frightening. Doing so even while being afraid….that is the very definition of courage.