I fancy myself a collector of amazements. I am forever unearthing interesting objects to take home, or, at least photographing my non-portable finds. Inevitably, a lot of those amazing things end up in my paintings.  I’ve now done several “Collection of Amazements” paintings. I call them “Curios”, as in the old-fashioned Cabinet of Curiosities.

This painting, which I’ve titled “Sensory Perception” is the latest curio collection of my personal amazements. Some may see the special and amazing linked only to large and important things. But I’ve learned to see the astonishing everywhere, and especially like to watch for the tiny and overlooked.

This painting is a collage of some of my personal happenings. Over the last few years, I’ve been playing alchemist with sentiment and life’s incredible happenings. The feelings I experienced are now forever linked to this color representation of the last few years. All are firmly embedded in the paint. There is a lot…if you look closely. All those messy human emotions and life events that we wade through…. Intense Joy, Deepest Sorrow, The expectation of New Life, The Dread of being Stuck, New Growth, Loss of Time and Direction, Brilliant Creatures of the Depths, Fluttering Wings in the Air, Timeless Love, Enduring Skies, Bright Blossoms, Heart heavy Tears, (or maybe Life Giving Rain?)

The images chosen combine to form a mental snapshot that evokes voices and moments from my life. A visual journal that instantly brings back so much…..Another Collection of Amazements.

18″ x 18″ acrylic on canvas

To read the entire story about this painting, please visit my blog: https://www.owlsflight.com/?page_id=218