“Hope (Lost and Found)” Fine Art Print



This is an 11″ x 14″ art print, reproduced from the acrylic painted original “Hope – Lost and Found”. It has a 3/8″ white border (best for matting purposes). I have signed it on the back. The following story of Hope will be included in each packaged print.

“Hope…It is easy to lose, and sometimes very hard to find. The eyes will always show it. Our eyes reflect our history. The souvenirs we have collected on our life’s journey are written in our miraculous eyes. They speak of how we have been to the raw, outer edges, and have become acquainted with despair. We see only gray, clouded skies, and unending storms create an Age of Tears.

But then, some indefinable particle of the spirit shifts. It is just a small flicker of the palest, coral pink. A dash of life and color amidst the rain-drenched backdrop of “not-quite” crushing defeat.
And suddenly your eyes are cleared, and you are able to see from a new vantage point. You realize that the raindrops can also bring new life, instead of just death by drowning.

Hope is not the same from one person to the next. It is a discovery of foundations, frameworks, beliefs, and just how much inner steel really lies hidden beneath thin veneers. It is a personal, inner knowing in the snarling face of doubt, fear, and plain, hard facts.
It is a glimmer of pure potential…even though that potential might not be the exact one you had wished for. It masquerades as an ongoing negotiation with life.
Hope is really about your acceptance of the possibility of change.
A realization that you are not condemned to exist only in your own past stories.
You can create new ones.”
Ⓒ Theresa Stahl

Printed on long lasting, high quality archival paper. The inks used in the printing process are vivid and made to last. 

Securely packed in acid free clear sleeve & flat backing. Shipped in a sturdy stay-flat mailer. Free Shipping in the U.S!  Please contact me to work out mailing arrangements if you are outside of the United States.Your purchase of this print is for the print alone. I retain the copyright and all rights of reproduction.





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