Deeply rooted, and well-versed in Time’s Ravages; the Dark Tree grows only from the shattered last hope and answers the soul’s cry for help. It silently offers itself as the last resort and speaks gently of comfort and shelter. It whispers warm welcomes to a haven that will act as safe harbor in the midst of a too perfect storm.

16″ x 20″ acrylic on canvas

Excerpt from “The Dark Tree”

“At that moment, the very last remnant of hope was wrung from her heart, and burst from the corner of her left eye in one single, fat, burning teardrop. It was the only one she had left. Her last tear fell in weighted, slow motion; the death throes of her optimism. Bulging with broken confidence and unfulfilled dreams, it shattered on impact into rainbow droplets upon the thick carpet of grass at her feet. Her blurred thoughts could hardly comprehend the speed with which a small tree burst from the soil and shot upward in a dark confused rush of tangled branches. It rapidly became a tall, gnarled tree that loomed far above Ruby’s head. The Dark Tree stood, a pillar of strength and the very last stop at the absolute bitter edge of endings.”

© Theresa Stahl

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