Hello! It’s been a awhile…

After a hiatus of a few years, I’ve returned to dust off this blog and share some more scattered thoughts, special memories, and random insights into life and art.

I’ve continued to write and paint often during my absence, but have been too side-tracked by the happenings in the “real” world to take the time to record details here in my virtual realm… meaning I have a back-log of images and words to catch you up on.

I’m looking forward to putting the results of my creativity out there to be seen and (hopefully) appreciated. I find that the ‘artist’ part of me savors the feedback and comments from all of you. It’s always a treat to hear how my work sparks memories or emotions.

And thanks to those who let me know they missed the Blog. (I appreciate your patience!) 🙂

More to come soon………

Happy Spring!!